An allergy to cat hair: how it manifests itself, symptoms and remedies

One of the most common problems among cat owners is to become allergic to his own hair.

Although not talked about much, is one of the most common problems among the owners that often, to solve the root, they come to leave their cat. In fact, this gesture so extreme it is not necessary, because as we will discover in this article it is possible, even for an allergic person, to live with a cat obviously taking precautions.

What is allergic to cat hair and how it manifests

First let’s understand what depends on the allergy to cat hair, and how it manifests. The body has a defense system whose purpose is to protect from possible harmful substances, such as poisons or toxic substances. However, this mechanism is not perfect and sometimes makes mistakes, recognizing how harmful for our body perfectly harmless substances such as nuts, garlic or, in fact, the cat’s fur.

In this way, when the body comes into contact with the harmless substance that recognizes it as “bad”, it activates all the mechanisms necessary to combat it. It is these mechanisms that cause known allergic reactions. Because of these substances we have around a great deal, for our body is like a battalion of invaders trying to penetrate into the body, and defense, as well as the ‘”combat gear”, they are as it were style.

As for the allergy to the hair to be concerned and especially the respiratory system. The symptoms of allergy to cat hair, therefore, these somo: When an allergy sufferer comes into a room where a cat lives her eyes begin to water, the nose sneezing, coughing and mouth may have inter breathing difficulties , due to the fact that the cat loses the hair that flies then deposited on the furniture and on the floor.

Even worse: the hair is dry “crumbs” from our shoes, without realizing it, and this creates the microparticles of sleeping with reactions worse, because it is difficult for a whole manages to get into hair in the mouth (I would feel) .

An allergy to cat hair: remedies

We understand how difficult the allergy is due to the presence of the cat itself, but it is mostly due to dust, microparticles of hair flying in the air (it is easier to have the reaction in the room where a cat lives at that time It is not there that stroking a cat found on the street).

That is why we must, first of all, try to avoid the accumulation. It is often in house dust, but maybe we do not get it done to someone else, often to wash the floors and often leave the windows open in order to facilitate the release of dust from the house, because the concentration of particles of cat dander It is much lower outside than at home, where the cat lives.

Another important precaution is to not run the cat through the house, but rendegli forbidden room, the most important is the bedroom where otherwise spend many hours breathing allergens. Although we have a study would be important not to let us enter, so you have a room in which to “resume” if one day the allergic reactions were particularly strong.

And then we must, as much as possible, remove the hair: we must accustom the cat to take a bath, which is not easy but very useful as it serves to end the dead hair in the bathtub drain rather than on the ground. Even the clothes to be washed often, as well as the carpets and the couch, and if we have to choose the upholstery scegliamola simple to wash, and which does not favor the accumulation of hair.
Finally, perhaps most important of all, turn to a doctor specializing in allergies: it seems, in fact, from recent studies it can reduce allergic reactions to an allergen through small prolonged contact, but for more information you should consult a doctor, whoIt will also supply of medicines to take if the reactions, occasionally, they were particularly serious.

There is a hypoallergenic cat?

There are indeed some cats that produce less allergens, so you may still have your kitty without having to suffer. One of these is the Siberian cat, who seems to have a hair that produces very few allergens. Or you could opt for a cat naked, like a sphynx or Don Sphynx.

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