Anti-flea for cat and pesticides how to choose

Anti-flea for cat and pesticides: how to choose

To protect our cats from attacks by parasites, in this article we will talk about the flea-fowl for cats and we will investigate the characteristics of the pesticides for cats available on the market.

The summer is upon us and our cats are eager to enjoy the warmth of the sun, lying on the balcony or lying on the grass in the garden. But the pesticides for cats must be applied throughout the year, this because the pests are no longer seasonal, but with the change in the climate and with the heating we have at home, fleas and ticks can easily survive all year.

The anti-flea and tick products on the market are many, different and advertised on TV, on the internet and in sector magazines, but this great variety can also create some confusion in choosing the best pesticide for our cat.
A conscious evaluation certainly passes through the confrontation with the trusted veterinarian and the analysis of the conditions in which the cat finds himself living.

Furthermore, it is necessary to remember that pesticides for dogs are never, under any circumstances, given to the cat.
The damage caused by the use of Advantix on cats, for which it is toxic and fatal, is infamous.

And even if our cat is an apartment cat, we know that we can be the ones to carry parasites through the shoes at home, so we need to protect our pelosetto with effective repellents for fleas and ticks, either by applying them directly to the cat regularly once a month (read carefully on the package the methods of administration) that using them in the domestic environment.

Keeping all these considerations in mind, let us now look at the knowledge of the most effective and available anti-flea products, both online and in pharmacies, distinguishing them by characteristics, price and application methods.

Spot on for the cat

Spot on pesticides are perhaps the most common method for protecting cats from fleas and ticks.
In large part, this probably depends on the ease of application of these products: the pipette has a facilitated opening system and its content is applied to the back of the cat after having spread the hair.

The liquid of the antipulci will in any case give the cat a slight annoyance which will tend to lick or lick the other cat at home, in the case of more cats in the same apartment.

To prevent this from causing vomiting in cats, it would be advisable to separate the pelosettis for a while after applying the spot on.

Among the sports for cats, the Advantage brand remains the best known and, the Combo line, through the association of Fipronil and IGR (S) -methoprene, allows the elimination of ticks and adult fleas simultaneously with the immature flea stages, preventing the emergence of new generations.

The Advantage therefore protects both the cat and the environment in which it lives up to about 6 weeks. The cost of a package varies between 15 and 25 euros depending on the number of pipettes contained in the package.

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An innovative and less harmful spot-on pesticide for cats is Activyl, whose active ingredient (indoxacarb) kills parasites that try to attack an animal protected by this pesticide.

After application, indoxacarb is ingested by insects and converted into their intestine into an active compound that interferes with the nervous system causing paralysis and death.

It is available as a clear, colorless to yellow solution for spot-on in pre-filled pipettes with the amount of Activyl required to treat a cat depending on its weight.

The price is around 25-26 euros.

The alternative to the Frontline in spot on is undoubtedly the Stronghold, but what is the difference between Frontline combo and Stronghold for cats?

It is very simple, the Advantage protects only against fleas and ticks, while the Stronghold also protects against ear mites and against filaria, transmitted by mosquitoes. However, Stronghold does not protect against ticks, so choose the product based on your protection needs.

If we want more natural spot-on pesticide protection, we can try the Zodiac Spot On Cat

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It is a pesticide against fleas, ticks and mosquitoes made with Neem and Pyrethrum oil. It is indicated after 3 months of age and completes its effectiveness after a couple of days from the application.

Flea spray for cat: which one?

If you live with a particularly docile cat, the pesticide spray can do for you.

The flea spray, in fact, must be sprinkled on the cat’s body avoiding only the sensitive areas like the eyes.

For better application, it is advisable to wear gloves, spray the product on your hands and then massage the body of the cat to make sure that the protection reaches the legs of our beloved feline.

The protection provided by this type of pesticide generally varies from one to three months and the Frontline line is one of the best known.

Fipronil, the active ingredient of the Frontline spray, acts quickly on ticks, preventing their development and possible transmission of infections.

The quantity to be used varies according to the length of the hair (from 3 to 6 ml of product / kg of weight which is equivalent to 2-4 nebulizations).

The Frontline spray is available in bottles of 100 ml, 250 ml and 500 ml which have a variable price between 17 and 48 euros.

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Flea shampoos for cats
In the hypothesis in which your cat loves water, the flea shampoos for cats are for you!
The antiparasitic shampoos for cats are useful mainly if there are kittens or puppies cats that can get used to contact with water.

Usually anti-flea and tick shampoos are used monthly and attention must be paid to the methods of use indicated on the packaging and to the aggressiveness of the product, so it is important to consult the veterinarian in the choice.

Oral flea cream for cats
In addition to those for external use described so far, there are also oral pesticides for cats.
They are usually sold on prescription and we can find both flea tablets in tablets for cats and in liquid solution.
Their protection lasts about 30 days and the opinion of the veterinarian is fundamental and necessary.

What pesticide for small kittens?

Anyone with a cat knows that worries and precautions for their health are at the center of every thought, especially if the cat is small and has that helpless air that invokes all our protection.

To choose the right pesticide for our kitten it is essential to consult the veterinarian and follow his instructions.

In consideration of the age of the puppies and their weight, the specialists will know how to direct us in the choice of the best antipulci for small cats.

Fleas and small cats are a combination that, with the right awareness, can be managed with a good pesticide for kittens.

Flea collar for cat: does it work?

The pesticide collar for cats is one of the least demanding devices to apply and generally ensures good protection against fleas and ticks.
We certainly need to have patience in attaching the flea collar and make sure that it is properly closed so that it does not loose or give too much discomfort to our cat. We must also make sure that the collar has an automatic release in case the cat gets caught somewhere.

The Serest flea collar by Bayer is perhaps the best known and certainly the most advanced thanks to the controlled and constant release of the active ingredients that characterize it (imidacloprid and flumethin).

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Protection against fleas, ticks and larvae lasts up to 8 months with a single application, the collar is odorless for greater tolerability and is water resistant.

A contraindication, albeit unlikely, to the use of this flea collar is the possibility that the cat chews it and gastrointestinal problems occur, but a correct application of the Seresto pesticide collar should significantly limit this possibility.

Purchasable both online and at the pharmacy, for all the fine features just described, the Seresto collar has a variable price between 20 and 25 euros.

Other pesticide collars with chemical active ingredients are those of Friskies, Johnson’s and Scalibor, whose price range ranges from 5 euros to twenty.

The doubts related to this type of flea remains the possibility that if the cat is accustomed to the outdoors the collar may get caught somewhere and the composition of the collar itself.

Since 2013, in fact, the pesticide collars that use dimpylat, propoxur and tetrachlorvinphos have been suspended from the sale, so reading the active ingredients of the product you buy always remains a measure to be taken for any device against fleas and ticks.

What if we have fleas at home?

Yeah, because not only can our loyal animals have parasites, we can even have fleas at home!

To ensure that this does not happen we must play prevention.

In addition to protecting our cat, we must control the garden and the home environment and, if we notice that there are fleas around, immediately use flea products for the home and pesticides for environments against ticks.

The most common are sprays, such as Bayer SOLFAC PLUS AUTOMATIC CASA which is effective up to 6 months from delivery.

The active ingredients Ciflutrin and Piriproxifen, have a synergistic effect in the elimination of parasites from surfaces and the flea spray does not leave stains or halos.

Naturally the methods of use present on the packaging must be scrupulously followed and the flea product for the home must not be applied on animals that must be removed during the disinfection of the rooms with the flea spray. The 150 ml spray can cost around 10 euros.

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Pesticides for sale, which one to choose?

At this point we have perhaps the clearest ideas on which pesticide to choose, but the range on the market is so vast that we can explore some further products besides those already mentioned as the Frontline cat also in the Combo version.

We know very well how cats are sensitive animals and for this reason it is necessary to find the most suitable flea and tick product for our feline.

Stronghold cats is available for both kittens (15 mg) and adult cats (45 mg) and its active ingredient, selamectin, is effective both against fleas and mites as well as against worms and filarias.

Also the cats Advantage, always spot on, is based on Imidacloprid, but it is mainly aimed at cats that live mainly in the apartment because it is most effective against fleas.
The cost is around 25 euros.

As we have seen, there is only the embarrassment of the choice between the products to protect our cat from parasites!
The important thing is to prefer the one best tolerated by the cat to make it pleasant the arrival of spring, to live safely! See also: Natural pesticides for cats

Do you have experience or questions about flea and pesticide for cats? share them with us by writing in the comments!

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