Cat Don Sphynx or Donskoy Price and farms

Cat Don Sphynx or Donskoy | Price and farms

An almost naked cat, Don Sphynx is slimmer and more lithe than Sphynx and has genetic characteristics that are different from it. Let’s see what origins he has, what farms exist and how to take care of a Don Sphynx cat.


The nudity gene present in Don Sphynx is a dominant, non-recessive gene like that of Sphynx.

Don Sphynx’s first puppy was believed to be suffering from a dermatitis, it was a cat named Varya, a stray dog ​​found in the streets of the city of Rostov.

The litter of varya lost its hair within the first year, and this caused the breeder Irina Nemykina to select this breed, leading to the recognition of Don Sphynx, and following the appearance of the Peterbald.

Character of the cat Don Sphynx

He is a very sweet and docile cat, sensitive and fond of his human. He does not like solitude, he loves being involved in all family activities.

Appearance and characteristics of the cat Don Sphynx
His skin, almost hairless, looks like peach or chamois leather.

At birth it may seem a bit ugly, covered with wrinkles in the skin, which are thinning out in growth, while remaining present.

The head is elongated and the ears are large, rounded at the base and pointed.

The eyes are almond-shaped and oblique.

The tail thins at the tip and can be covered with a light and curly fur. His down can fall within the second year of age.

Don Sphynx
Don Sphynx – Ph Flavio Facibeni

Breed standard of the cat Don Sphynx or Donskoy (DSP):

Category III: Short hair and Somali
EMS code: DSP
Associations that recognize the breed: CCA, FIFe, LOOF, TICA, WCF

 General appearance
Appearance: The Don Sphnyx is a robust cat, soft and warm to the touch.
The specificity of this breed is the absence of hair.
Medium size.
Males are significantly larger than females.
Cuneiform shape, slightly longer than wide, with prominent eyebrows.
Flat Front
Cheeks Prominent cheeks.
Straight nose of medium length, with a defined curve towards the forehead.
Muzzle Well defined, of medium length, slightly rounded, with a slight interruption at the height of the pad holder (‘pinch’).
Jaws / Chin Well developed jaws, strong chin.
Vibrisse Curled, thick, of any length, can be broken.
Great shape, thin in rounded ends.
The inside of the ear is completely free of hair.
Placing Set high on the head, slightly tilted forward, carried alert. The outer line of the ears continues that of the head. The distance between the ears must not be greater than the width of an ear.
Almond shape, slightly inclined upwards, of medium size and open; watchful expression.
Bright, pure and clean color; according to the skin or color of the
Medium length, very strong and muscular, with a rounded shape.
Powerful, especially in males.
Body Structure Medium length, medium strong and muscular.
Wide and rounded chest, strong and strong shoulders and back, wide hips.
Medium length, medium strong in proportion with the body; the hind legs longer than the front ones.
Oval Feet, with long and prominent fingers (“monkey fingers”)
Thin; wider at the base it tapers towards the tip. Length in proportion with the body.
The tip of the tail may present soft, dense, adherent and slightly curled hair.
Coat and skin
Skin and wrinkles Elastic, well-wrinkled on the head, on the neck, on the legs and on the belly.
Wrinkles are preferred especially around the muzzle, between the ears and around the shoulders, it being understood that wrinkles do not
they must be so pronounced as to compromise the normal functionality of the cat.
There may be hard and short hairs on the snout, ears and legs.
The tail may have sparse hairs.
In young cats, the muzzle can have a short, thin hair.
A complete absence of hair is preferred.
Hairless The cat appears to be hairless.
Flock The cat has a residual hair not longer than two millimeters over the whole body.
Brush Thin, wavy hair, often bristly over the entire body, over 2 mm long, with bare areas on the head, on the side
upper neck or back.
All varieties of color and design are allowed, including those with white.
Any amount of white is permitted.

Don Sphynx
Don Sphynx – Ph Silvia Pampallona


His skin needs care, his ears must be cleaned and his nails must be clipped often.

It is resistant to infections and has a great appetite, having to keep the body temperature high to defend itself from the cold.

Price of the Don Shpynx cat

The price of this feline breed is around € 700 to € 900

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