Ragdoll cat: character, price, information and breeding

The Ragdoll is a very sweet cat, antithesis of the classic feline for its devotion to its master. Extremely domestic it follows its human everywhere to feel protected.

Breed origin

This cat breed originated from a cross between an Angora white cat, whose name was Josephine, and the so called “Sacred Cat of Burma” or Birman cat, both mild and sweet cats. In their offspring there were 3 kittens who were characterized by their nature, similar to their parents, and for their relaxed muscles, typical of this breed.
The breeder decided to keep these characteristics in the future litters, setting the breed in California in 1965, so we now know this cat thanks to Anne Baker. At the beginning, the breed was so much protected that it was impossible to take one specimen only but it was required to buy the couple.
The name Ragdoll refers to a flexible doll because of the big flexibility of this kind of cat.
The original legend tells that a white Persian, pregnant of a stray, was run over by a car giving birth to a painless litter. In fact the other Ragdoll feature is its high pain threshold, to be careful of.

Ragdoll cat features

The three main features of the Ragdoll are:
– The sweet temperament, mild, specifically selected
– The extreme flexibility, which allows it to take very funny and inconceivable positions.

– Its very high pain threshold, which can be an asset when it has to take veterinary cures, but also a danger, because, for example, it does not even notice when you stepped on its tail, and could therefore put itself in danger.

It ‘a a little slow in movements and reflexes, you have to be careful when taking it up because it can hurt by falling. It doesn’t know how to turn over in the air to fall on its feet. It has a low muscle tone and is very flexible, hence the name “rag doll”.
Ragdoll kittens are born completely white and reveal their colour around one year of age, to reach the final colour around three years of age in some cases.
It ‘a very big cat, like a Maine Coon, with large body frame, a large head too, rounded snout and chin and beautiful deep-blue eyes.
Its fur is long or semi-long, longer around the neck, outside the face, on the shoulders and back. Long and fluffy On its hind legs it is, too.
Patterns colours are pointed: seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, fawn point, even in gloved version (white feet) or spotted.

Character traits and personality

The Ragdoll is a very sweet cat, devoted to its master who he adores. Its perfect day is to sit on its master’s knees perched and sleepy, laid-back and confident. It ‘a homely cat, it follows its master everywhere, gets along well with children and other animals. We must be careful not to inadvertently harm it or drop it, given its “slow” nature.

Ragdoll breed standards

II Category : semi-longhaired
Associations that recognise the breed: AACE, ACF, ACFA, CCA, CFA, FIFé, GCCF, LOOF, SACC, TICA, WCF
Ragdolls usually have three patterns: colorpoint, bi-color and mitted (agouti and non-agouti) with 20 colour combinations, for a total of 60 varieties.

  • General aspect
    Physical aspect: the Ragdoll has a sturdy body, large frame, with a medium/strong bone structure that gives it a powerful aspect.
    Size: Big
  • Head
    Shape: medium size, wide wedge shaped with blunted contours.
    Gently rounded forehead (not-bulging) that led to a plain space between the ears. Good height in profile.
    Nose: the nose is straight showing a slight bend in the upper third
    Cheeks, chin and snout: well-developed cheeks that extend till the rounded, large, medium-length, never-tight snout which is well-developed too.
  • Ears
    Shape: medium size, large-based and rounded at the points.
    Position: widely placed on the skull with a slight tilt forward
  • Eyes
    Shape : big and oval-shaped; the outer corner of the eye must be at the same height of the ear base.
    Blue Colour, as intense as possible, in relation to the body hair colour .
  • Neck
    Short and strong
  • Body
    Structure: long and muscular body with a medium/strong bone structure.
    The chest area is large and well developed. More powerful and muscular in the rear side. The adult cat have shoulders and hips of equal width.
  • Legs
    Medium-long, moderate to heavy bone structure. The hind legs are slightly higher than the front, giving the back line the impression of an imperceptible tilt forward.
    Feet: Large, round and compact, with tufts of hairs between the fingers
  • Tail
    Long, preferably up to the shoulders, of medium size at the base, gradually tapering towards the end. It should be completely covered by a thick fur.
  • Fur
    Structure: medium length, thick, with soft and silky texture, close-fitting. Cold silk feeling to the touch.
    Longer hair in the neck area, framing the head and giving the impression of a gag.
    Shorter on the snout, the fur increases in length from the top of the head to the shoulders and the back area.
    Medium to long on the flanks, on the abdominal and back area of the body. From short to medium on the front legs.
  • Observations
    Females are much smaller than males.
    Take into account the development of the cheeks in adult males.
    The development of this breed is slow, up to three /four years.
    Take into account the fur seasonality.


As already mentioned, the Ragdoll cat should be controlled and protected, even against its own recklessness against danger. For its fur, it is enough to brush and normal grooming.

Ragdoll price

A Ragdoll kitten can cost  from $800.00 to $2,000.00

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