How to teach your cat to use the cat flap

Your cat is a very independent animal, and he likes to be. Although she lives with us, in fact, he likes to run as he believes both inside and outside the home, and this can be a problem for cats living inside; when he wants to go out, in fact, or you leave something open (which is not great if you’re on the ground floor, especially when we did not), or we resort to an effective alternative, which is the cat flap.
The cat flap is very useful if you want to avoid having to open and close the doors of the house to do enter and exit the cat.
Sometimes, I assure you, it seems that our beloved cat I do it on purpose just to want to get in or out of their home when we just sat 🙂
Also in the winter is not very recommended that you leave the door ajar to let the cat go, wasting so the house heating.
The cat flap is also very useful for those who live in the apartment and keeps the cat in the house, and has at its disposal the terrace. Nothing more beautiful than being able to enter and leave the cat from the terrace in complete autonomy through the cat flap.

The cat flap, on door for cats, is nothing more than a small “door in door”; usually you purchase and install yourself, although it is better to get it done at a carpenter, so that the cat can go from there whenever he wants to leave or enter the house according to his need.

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The funny thing is that many owners expect to have made brilliant action for their cat, just to see, he refuses to use it.

The cat, in fact, is not particularly prone to new, and needs to study well any new thing that enters its territory; just think that if you are the dinner guests (who are people like us) is on one side and study them to see if they are a threat. Let alone if he does a strange thing as the cat flap.

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How to accustom the cat to the cat flap

The first, hilarious, what they do and the owners that makes sure that the cat does not use it just never, it is this: put the food on one side of the door and push the cat in the cat flap. A brilliant idea, to make the cat feel compelled to do something. Imagine you to be relieved and be passed by force by a door, how would you be? There, that feels the cat.

In fact, we can not think that immediately the cat starts to use it: you have to give it time.
First, the cat should have a good idea of ​​what is there to either side of the door; if it is a long with us there is no problem, but if it is small must first explore the territory, and you have to when we leave the house as much as possible the door open (the door, not the cat flap) to let him start to use that passage when he believes.

When we see who uses it without problems (sometimes there are tents, mosquito nets or something it perceives as an obstacle) we begin to leave the door closed but open the cat flap. It is very simple, just a clothespin and a bit ‘of adhesive tape. We close the door and open the cat flap in particular when the call options: do of course so that both outside and inside us, with the cat flap open.

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The first time will be suspicious and eventually we will not go, but with the passage of days before start to put your head, look, then goes around to come and eat. Just a little ‘patience.

At this point, the following is very simple; we stretch a bit ‘the tape to bring down a little’ the little door of the cat flap because the cat understands that there is an obstacle, but do not worry: the worst has already happened, as we passed other times passes even though there the plate in the middle. And so it can continue, keeping more and more closed up to close it completely, so the cat at that point knows he has to go from there, and that when you get beyond will find to eat. Not a bad idea, occasionally, to exchange things, that is, instead of doing so enter the house, let him out.

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In any case, these operations must be done with patience and tenacity, and never be in a hurry: hurry, in fact, is the worst enemy of the cat and the cat flap. If a cat feels forced, in fact, to do one thing, it is the good time you will not make it right.

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